• Voodoo Queen0:30
  • Offshore0:30
  • Coming Back Home0:30
  • It's Over0:30
  • Come Back to Me0:30
  • Where to Start0:30
  • Please Take me Back0:30
  • It Happens Every Night0:30
  • Shadows in the Dark0:30
  • Our Last Song0:30
  • Old Friend0:30
  • I'm Free0:30

12 Tracks

Produced by Josh Hyde

Released: 2009

Josh Hyde & The Hitchhikers

Where to Start

Josh Hyde - Guitar and Vocals

Brett Brunson - Guitar

H.B. Smith - Bass and Vocals

Monty Lamaze - Bass

Jamey Bell - Drums, Percussion and Vocals

Les Whitt - B3 Organ

Gabe Guillory - Bass and Vocals

Steve Conn - Piano, Wurlitzer

Aaron Sibley - Vocals

C.G. Thomason - Rhodes Piano

Charles Parsons - Keyboards

Carlos Ortiz - Trumpet

Matt Hooker - Saxophone

Rance Hawthorne - Trombone

Gary Primich - Harmonica

Eric Marler - Drums

Recorded at Praet Studio 2008

Engineer - David Praet

Produced by Josh Hyde

Mixed at The Hole by Craig LaCour and Eddie Map

Photography - Hanna Whitt

Design Layout - Nancy Henry

Cover Artwork - Neal Harrington

Technical Assistance - Leon Morfeld, Kelly Barber and Cliff Ashby

All songs written by Josh Hyde

Offshore - written by Josh Hyde and Brett Brunson

Voodoo Queen - written by Josh Hyde and Brett Brunson

It's Over - written by Josh Hyde and Brett Brunson

Come Back to Me - written by Josh Hyde and Brett Brunson

Please Take Me Back - written by Josh Hyde and Brett Brunson

Special Thanks to: Steve Conn, David Praet, Brett Brunson, Greg Gormanous, Gary Perkins, "Old Friend" dedicated to Gary Primich

"This CD is dedicated to the Memory and Spirit of Les Whitt"

Josh Hyde

Liner Notes

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