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10 Tracks

Produced by Josh Hyde & Jamey Bell

Recorded at Bell Recording, Alexandria, LA

Released: 2004

Josh Hyde & The Hitchhikers

Dark Side

Josh Hyde


  • Her love runs cold0:30
  • White bread0:30
  • The devils on the way0:30
  • Big Easy Blues0:31
  • Understand0:30
  • Dark Side0:31
  • My little girl0:30
  • Skeleton Town0:30
  • Have you ever loved a woman 0:30
  • If it kills me0:30

The Town Talk

By Andrew Griffin -March 12, 2004

 “Dark Side ,” the latest offering from Alexandria's very own Josh Hyde and the Hitchhikers is one of those albums that sounds great in a variety of places — hanging out with friends at an outdoor barbecue, driving around at night, or even at home recovering from a bad break up. Hyde is a singer/songwriter and guitarist who has a knack for incorporating a variety of distinctive Louisiana sounds — sultry folk ‘n' blues, New Orleans soul, and that distinctive rock guitar sound you're likely to hear in bars and clubs throughout the mid-South. He is was born in Baton Rouge and was first exposed to blues music as a teenager at Tabby's Blues Box. Tabby Thomas, Larry Garner, and Silas Hogan were some of his early influences as a musician. Dark er themes run through the veins of this record and it actually works well. There is an undeniable authenticity in Hyde 's songs and even a little humor.

  • “Her Love Runs Cold” is a Fogerty-esque choogler that has Hyde with a spooky vampire girl in the graveyard at midnight . How very Anne Rice. “She took me walkin' through the graveyard bones / her skin it sparkled like a fine gemstone / the sky was crying by my mouth was dry / all I could see was a midnight sky."
  • The funky instrumental “White Bread” featuring Travis Doyle's bubbly Hammond B-3 organ and Jamey Bell's dead-on percussion makes this groovy track a must. Hyde puts his lonely soul wholeheartedly into the memorable.
  • “Big Easy Blues,” featuring guest harmonica player Gary Primich.
  • “Skeleton Town” has an almost mid-60's Merseybeat rock groove that is quite appealing and makes it a standout track.

Eight of the 10 songs were recorded at Bell Recording studios in Alexandria while the final two tracks – Freddie King's “Have You Ever Loved a Woman” and Teddie Morgan's “If It Kills Me” – were recorded live at the Pelican Club. Hyde 's guitar work on these two tracks is some of the best I've heard. .