Josh Hyde

Josh Hyde works on stage and in the studio the way another gifted native son of Louisiana, Chef Paul Prudhomme, worked in the kitchen. His recipe for musical success found in seasoning gorgeously seductive tunes with a flavorful blend of American roots, blues and soul. Hyde's slinky, sensual tunes can bubble over with the exuberance of a New Orleans street parade, or stew in a hypnotic, laid-back vibe. Yet, while the framework of The Call of the Night is quintessential Louisiana, Hyde's distinctive approach to songwriting, performing and recording propels it beyond its deep Southern origins and into the wider realm of Americana.

Recorded at the iconic Dockside Studio in Maurice, La., on the banks of the Vermillion Bayou in the heart of Cajun Country, The Call of the Night was produced by Joe V. McMahan, who has helmed projects by Webb Wilder, Mike Farris and Sarah Potenza, among many others. "You completely unplug when you go down there and really plug into the music. We really worked the songs over," says Hyde, who was introduced to the Nashville-based producer by singer-songwriter Kevin Gordon. "He's a guitar player and has some Louisiana roots himself," he says of McMahan. "He spent a lot of time in Shreveport as a kid."


Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist

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